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A Picturesque Day in Palm Springs

A Picturesque Day in Palm Springs

Once a year, my job has a pop-up location in Indian Wells for a tennis tournament. It's extra work for me, I go back and forth between both locations a few times in the span of 3 weeks. The first three years, I would develop a twitch above my left eye from the stress it caused, but this year, I felt like I have this under control. 

The upside to this event is the change of scenery. I don't get to take as many vacations as I'd like to, so having to work from a remote location, you can incorporate a little touristy stuff into your work day. The first week, I went to the Living Desert and got to feed a giraffe. This week, I explored Palm Springs. 


A little bit of Pleasantville still lives inside of Palm Springs. All the houses are kept up very well, neighborhoods are lined with pristine white houses and vibrant colored doors. The Pink Door is probably the most famous of these houses, and it's popularity has upset some of the neighbors because of the traffic it brings. We tried to take a photo on the fountain and the resident told us we couldn't take a photo on property, only from the sidewalk because the neighbors get mad. The Party Lions and The Pink Door houses are on the same street, on the same block, on E. Sierra Way. East Sierra Way is only 3 blocks, so you can't miss it. 


My favorite group of houses were off Alhambra and S. Camino Real. We parked the car right at the corner and did a little loop around taking photos of houses. So many house goals, I wish I could go inside and take some interior design cues from them.  If you couldn't tell, my favorite color is green, that's why the only photos from Alhambra are of the houses with doors in the green family. 


As fun as it was, roaming around neighborhood and having people give us weird looks, it had come time to concluded our Door Tour so we headed to Moorten Botanical Garden. The entry fee is $5. It's a smaller botanical garden than I'm used to but it's filled with cute desert friendly plants, complete with a Cactarium. You guys, this place is so cute. If I were to have a wedding, I think I would want to have it here. I saw someone take maternity photos, it was so beautiful, it gave the boho in me such joy. 

Palm Springs is perfect for models and photographers. If I was a Public Figure on Instagram, I would bring bring several changes of clothes, a photographer, and just take photos of every corner that Palm Springs has to offer. This place gives me such inspiration, in fact, did you know the the idea for starting this blog happened last year when I was in Indian Wells? Even if I don't have that many people reading it yet, it makes me happy to go through and see the adventures I've gone in the past year. 

I go back this weekend to help clean things up for the pop-up, I hope I can explore a little a get some more photos, maybe another idea for a post. 

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