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Holy Matcha

Holy Matcha

San Diego's got a new cute tea spot.


This place is an Instagram/blogger's dream. The banana leaf background, the pink decor, and the cute little matcha greetings sprinkled on your plate WITH matcha powder, they really thought every detail of this place through. It's impossible to take a bad photo in here. If you check out their Instagram (@holymatchaa) and click on their tagged photos, you'll see, there isn't a bad angle to this place, not even the bathroom. 

Holy Matcha was founded by Geraline Ridaura after she had traveled to Japan. Holy Matcha's menu incorporates matcha into just about everything. If you hear matcha and think green tea, your taste buds might get a bit of a shock, the flavor profile is a bit different between the two. With matcha, you ingest the whole leaf powder instead of just water infused through the tea leaf, that's why the flavor is much stronger. 


I was really excited to try this place out because, even though San Diego is definitely starting to become more vegan friendly,  I felt there was a bit of a void when I had a sweet tooth. Everything at Holy Matcha is vegan; latte, donuts, soft-serve...vegan. When I went, they had a special on a matcha soft-serve mixed with the coconut charcoal soft-serve. I  thought the flavors were perfect together, neither charcoal or matcha was overpowering and the overall taste was delicious.    


I also wasn't going to walk away without trying their donut. The donut was a Belgium Chocolate Donut topped with a matcha frosting. The strong flavor of the matcha mixed with the decadent sweetness of the chocolate was a harmonious combination of flavors, if I hadn't gotten the last one, I probably would have ordered one for the road, it was that good. The presentation of the donut was so cute, it not only matched the decor of the place (which, I love pink and green together), but they upped the anti by stenciling matcha with matcha powder right on the plate. The also stencil cute things on their lattes too.


I'm really thankful for this place. I had a major sweet tooth that day, and Holy Matcha definitely cured it. Other items on the menu included a yogurt bowl, matcha chia seed pudding, matcha lemonade, matcha horchatta (which I will be trying next time, for sure) and Avocado Toast. Next time I go, I'll try to dress cuter, I was in my Comic-con Groot shirt so I didn't take advantage of the beautiful backdrop.

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